Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today Is The Greatest Day I Have Ever Known

BOOYAH, FRIENDS, IT'S MY LAST DAY AT THIS CRAPPY JOB!!!!!!! Um, so I might be slightly enthusiastic today... Just a warning. ;)

Hahaha, my inbox BLEW UP with tips about these photos posted on PittsburghLive by FSN Pittsburgh correspondent Dan Potash. (I wish I could list you all, but I hope you'll forgive me for just throwing out a blanket Thanks for the link! to all of you instead.) Here are five of my favorites. The best about them is that Potash uploaded the original images, so click these babies for HUGE wallpaper quality shots - because really, who among you doesn't want this next shot on your desktop?

Sleepy Siddo and Flower - those masks are dead sexy! :P

The Boys practice in Sweden.

The Saint takes a tour of the Vasa Museum.

Another shot of the Boys touring the Vasa Museum

Sid, Mad Max, and Pascal Dupuis enjoy a candlelit dinner. (WOW - I barely recognized the now relatively hairless Mad Max!)

Good Friends of The Show Lauren H. and Stagerat (who now is affiliated with my good friend, Loser Chris, as a contributor to The Flower Shop) sent in the link to an article detailing how much Siddo is enjoying anonymity in Sweden.

Friend Maria T. sent in this piece about training camp continuing in Sweden:
Because of the extent of this undertaking -- the NHL Premiere also includes weekend games between Tampa Bay and the New York Rangers in Prague, Czech Republic -- the NHL and sponsors are helping to defray some of the player expenses and assisting with things such as arranging transportation.

Some of the Penguins' European players have requested tickets because people from home can get to Sweden more easily than they can get to Pittsburgh.

Russian defenseman Sergei Gonchar had asked for about 50 tickets here and in Helsinki, mostly for friends making the relatively short trip from St. Petersburg, where Gonchar and center Evgeni Malkin work out in the summer. Gonchar had to give those seats back after a dislocated left shoulder forced him to miss the trip.

Malkin still has a group coming, including his girlfriend, Oksana, a friend who doubles as his Russian agent and workout pals from St. Petersburg. [snoop: Aww!!! :)]
WAIT A MINUTE - I have to read that again: "Because of the extent of this undertaking ... the NHL and sponsors are helping to defray some of the player expenses." SERIOUSLY?! I'm no accountant, but I'm pretty sure even the rookies are making more than enough cash to foot the bill. I wouldn't care except that the NHL will likely pass along the costs to us in the form of even higher ticket prices.

Friend of The Show RACHEL S. FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! We get to head back to Pittsburgh for our latest installment of our Roaming Penguins saga, where Rachel captured the first picture of Sidney Penguin in the stands watching Sidney Crosby on the ice:


(Here's a zoomed view of S.C.)

Here are Rachel's own words to tell us about their day together:
Roaming Sidney and the family traveled to Pittsburgh for my brother’s wedding. Friday morning, Sept 19, we took the kids and Sid to the open practice. It was really cool – people were walking up in jerseys, which was fun to see.

Heading in to the arena, which will always be the Civic Arena to me, none other than Ray Shero drove in front of us into the lot. The practice itself was really quiet and it was strange to be in the semi-empty, quiet arena.

Sidney P. watches the Zamboni drive by.

My son, Henry, who is 4 ½ was so excited and shouted “my first hockey game!!” I told him, “you have no idea, honey.” It was also funny to see people eating hot sausage sandwiches and nachos at 9:30 in the morning.

What an awesome day!

I highly recommend getting in to see a practice for anyone who can, because it was really cool. So, I got a few good shots of Sidney inside and one at the new arena construction site.

This is also S.P.'s first trip to the new arena site! :)

(I also got some good Pens gear at the shop in the arena!)

Thanks, Rachel!
All that's left today is TSCS's Quote of The Day:
"This letter is a declaration of my resignation, as I have accepted a position as an IT Team Member at another company. I am looking forward to my new position and the challenges that await me. My last day of work will be September 30, 2008."

~ snoopyjode, in a resignation letter which was signed, sealed, and delivered two weeks ago today. :D

Endless thanks to everyone (including Lauren, Stagerat, Maria, and Rachel) for helping with today's post! :)

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