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Pens v Leafs (W 5-4) Exhibition Game

The Pens came back and beat the Leafs 5-4 on Friday night. Friend of The Show Jennifer F. was lucky enough to be there and nice enough to send in a summary and some pictures:
Sidney Crosby was a maniac, and I don’t really know how to otherwise describe how he was tonight. He was everywhere, doing everything, setting up everybody and taking a fair number of shots himself, and scored an absolutely unbelievable goal. I was about to take a picture of him because he was off ahead of everyone else by himself, but I got too excited because it looked like he was going to score and everyone around me stood up so I had to as well in order to see and couldn’t take a picture. But, it was amazing! He was on his side raising his arm in the air before anyone had even realized what happened. The oh-so-charming crowd kept on cheering ‘Crosby Sucks” (how original, I know) but it was clear that the more the crowd chanted that the better he played. And as a result of his game he was the number one star!

Fedotenko also had a very good game, in the third period I realized that Michel Therrien had put him on a line with Crosby and Satan, and they looked quite good together. Tyler Kennedy also was everywhere tonight; perhaps he was in a particularly good mood as a result of his (deserved) contract extension! In the second period when the Pens were down 3-1 they didn’t look like they were very into the game. After the fight by Bissonnette and Hollweg (which Bissonnette very clearly won) the Pens seemed to pick it up and were playing much better. Their penalty killing was very solid tonight, and the Leafs just looked confused on their power play because penguins players were everywhere.

Also, just to add something, I noticed that every time before Sid started a shift he went up to Fleury and tapped his pads with his stick. I know the he’s superstitious, I so can’t help but wonder if that is one of his rituals? Also, the punching routine that Talbot and Fleury do in the hallway in Pittsburgh before games they did on the ice during warm up tonight and I took an absolutely horrible picture of it because I was bumped by someone while I was taking it!
Here are the rest of Jen's pictures:

Friend of The Show Lauren H. sent in this article in which a rookie from the Toronto Maple Leafs talks about a run in with our feisty captain at the game:
[Chris DiDomenico] was on the ice for the Penguins tying goal late in the game that Pittsburgh won 5-4, but he exhibited some offensive flair and experienced a late-game run in with Sidney Crosby. The two bumped into each other in the Penguins zone, causing Crosby to cross-check DiDomenico, who returned a slash directed at the Penguins captain.

"You wanna go?!" Both of these shots were taken by Jennifer, who has excellent timing. :)

“He asked me if I wanted to go when we got into the penalty box,” DiDomenico said, laughing. “I guess that will be something to remember.”
Now here's something that will probably fire you guys up. You HAVE to check out this article by none other than Puck Daddy himself, Greg Wyshynski. In it, he drops some knowledge on Marian Hossa's assessment of playing with Siddo vs. playing with Pavel Datsyuk. First, here's what Hossa said:
"They're different players," Hossa said in comparing the two. "Sidney is more a skater and Pavel is more a playmaker."

Hossa has also found Datsyuk the more unpredictable of the two. The 29-year-old Slovak star admits he's quickly learned not to try and anticipate, just be ready to react when riding shotgun with Datsyuk.
And as I hold myself back, here's an excerpt of Puck Daddy's analysis:
More of a playmaker. Less predictable. Basically, Hossa's telling the world that he believes Pavel Datsyuk is a better offensive center than Sidney Crosby.


Datsyuk's defensive credentials can't be denied. But he's not the goal-scorer Crosby is, and he's certainly not the leader Crosby is, on or off the ice.


Like Hossa said: Different players. There's simply no way you wouldn't take Crosby first if you were building a team; but if you had to win one game, perhaps this comparison is a little closer.

Depending on the rest of the team, of course...
Okay, it's one thing to leave and then proclaim from the highest mountaintops that Detroit has a better chance than Pittsburgh to win the Cup in 2009 after making EVERYONE think he was going to stay, but now he's taking subtle shots at the Saint? It certainly seems like Hossa is not only burning the proverbial bridge back to Pittsburgh, but he's doing it with a certain finger raised and a smile on his face.

Here is Siddo about to score the goal that Jen mentioned above...

Friend of The Show Laeioura sent in an email alerting us to two FSN Pens specials:
Spotlight Back for More: Tonight @ 10pm
In My Own Words: Sidney Crosby (Season 3): Friday, Oct 3 @ 7:30pm

...and here's the Saint on his side with his hand raised in celebration.

Friend of The Show Julie M. found this article that lists the second choice sports of some of our Penguins:
Center Sidney Crosby, on the other hand, liked being the backstop in baseball.

"I played catcher growing up. That would be my best chance to make it [in another sport]," , he said. "I used to like catcher. It's a lot more action. You're calling pitches, and there's a little more thinking involved. It was cool. You had to study the other team a little bit, so it was a bit like preparing in hockey."
Friends Lauren and Imogen sent this article that asks if Sid can still be called The Kid since he's 21 years old now.

Our drawing Friend Jan M. sent in a link to a 2008-09 season preview about the Pens. Bottom line:
Expect the Penguins to make another deep postseason run and possibly challenge for the Stanley Cup crown.
YES!!!!!!!!! DO IT!

Good Friend Eighty-Two sent in this sweet wallpaper he made:

Friend of The Show Sarah sent in some pictures from the Sidney Crosby Exhibit at the Nova Scotia Hall of Fame (which is located in the Metro Centre):

Brooks Penguin is still having fun with Friend Ali W. in college. Here is Brooksie helping Ali celebrate her first A+ (congrats on that, Ali!):

Ali snapped a picture of Brooksie watching his namesake at the Town Hall Meeting:

TSCS's Quote of The Day comes from our title man:
"I thought he liked it here. He was great to play with. It's too bad."

~ Siddo on Marian Hossa

Many, many thanks to Jennifer, Lauren, Laeioura, Julie, Imogen, Jan, Eighty-Two, Sarah, and Ali for all the help with today's post! :)

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