Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pens v Maple Leafs (W 3-2) Exhibition Game

We'll start off with a list of recent Pens news:
  • The Pens faced the Maple Leafs last night in a preseason matchup. Geno led the way to a Pens victory with a goal and an assist. (Pens 3, Leafs 2) Good Friend of The Show Lexie101 was there and was nice enough to share a few of her pictures. By the way, I think she's trying to confuse us - we can now refer to her as "Lexie101 - the Friend formerly known as Pens87Fan71 who was formerly known as Lexie101". Haha, I'm just kidding, girl! You know I ♥ you! ;)

  • Sarge is out indefinitely with a dislocated shoulder.

  • The Pens trimmed their roster by sending 13 players down to the Baby Pens.

  • And some of you were talking about this article yesterday when I posted the picture of Bugsy in his new uniform: Malone didn't want to leave Pittsburgh.
So I noticed that some of the pictures I posted recently were removed from ImageShack because they exceeded the bandwidth restrictions... I'm looking into solutions for that. I'll be sure to let you know what I come up with...

Now here are some more things that our Friends of The Show have sent in over the past couple of weeks (I'm gradually making my way through, haha!). First up, Friend BackThePuckOff sent in a photo of her dormroom. She said penguins are her favorite animal, which works out pretty well since the Penguins are her favorite team. :) That blue jersey in the middle is for a team in Germany. She hosted an exchange student who later sent the jersey to her for her birthday:

The next photo we have is from Friend Katie G. She is doing an internship in London where she spotted this:

Now we're heading back to Seattle for today's Roaming Penguin story. Recently, Friend of The Show TheNWChica took her friend Max Penguin on a day trip. I'm pretty excited because it marks his first appearance here on TSCS! Here is her account of what they did:

"Here's Max taking a rest on a shelf of my extra bedroom with some of my hockey goodies."

"All strapped in for a day of errands and shopping!" [snoop: See, kids? Even little Penguins need to buckle up!]

"We got hungry, so we stopped for sushi since I know a lot of the Boys love sushi." [snoop: Not to mention it's a real penguin's favorite treat, too!]

"After lunch, we went for a walk in downtown Seattle and he needed a rest, so we stopped next to a newspaper box."

"We would have gone to a Mariners game, but they were out of town, so I just took his picture in front of Safeco Field."

Let's end this post properly - TSCS's Quote of The Day comes from the man himself. Here he talks about what he did on his summer vacation:
"I just stayed on the lake and relaxed, tried not to move much," said Crosby, who's moving quickly now as the Pens prepare for their early season start with a two-game set. "I move a lot during the season. I just enjoyed the chance to stay in one spot."

I totally stole this pic from Jenn Casey's blog, National Passtime.

Many thank yous (← okay, even if you never click the thank you links, you HAVE to click this one) go out to Lexie101, BackThePuckOff, Katie, and TheNWChica for their contributions to today's post. :)

LATE EDIT: It just occurred to me that you all might want access to that "Radioactive Sid" picture that Dave took. Here it is - click to enlarge for a wallpaper sized view:

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