Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm just discovering Twitter after seeing it mentioned in The Friends' Zone a few weeks ago. Actually, you may have noticed that I added the feed to my updates to the blogroll (I don't know if they'll be staying there, since I'm not very good at keeping it current and this is Sid's Show, not mine). Anyhoo, it stands to reason that the person listed on Twitter as Sidney Crosby is, in fact, Sidney Crosby. A number of factors led me to this conclusion.

For one thing, the Pens themselves have a Twitter account. They don't update it daily, but they announce such things as when the Mellon Arena started making ice, the training camp schedule, and whether or not questions were going to be taken at the Town Hall Meeting. For another thing, Sid's updates are few and far between, which is to be expected from someone as busy as he is. For yet another, the options to "nudge" Siddo or send him a private message have been disabled. On top of that, he's not listed as following anyone else. Again, he's more than likely way too busy to care.

All of these things, in my humble opinion, are pretty strong evidence that the Saint is who he says he is on Twitter - which brings me to the reason for today's post. Check out his current update (click to enlarge):

(Visit the source)

Looks like someone wants his trophies back... This is going to be an AMAZING year. ;)

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