Thursday, October 02, 2008


Stagerat, Jenn Casey, and Adrienne F. sent in the link to a sweet new commercial starring our title man. The commercial is called simply "Cup." Enjoy:

We never want you in that photo again either, Sid.

Maria T. found this piece on which describes how Siddo shot the new "Cup" commercial and how the NHL is using The Kid to market the sport.

Retired TSCS founder Jes Golbez found an awesome photo of what may be the funniest sign I have EVER seen at a hockey game (WARNING - Do not view with liquid in your mouth):

Stagerat sent along this article from St. Louis Today that says that the Pens' rise to the top over the past few years is the blueprint for success for any struggling hockey club. (Although, the author isn't so naive to think that having the Saint and Geno wasn't a big part of the Pens' big comeback.)

Lauren H. and Rachel C. sent in articles about the Pens' Swedish scavenger hunt and their tour of the Vasa Museum. (Make sure you keep checking Dan Potash's Swedish photoblog. He's a beast - he's been updating it constantly, and there are new pictures of the scavenger hunt, a hockey game the team watched, and a practice.)

Nikki spotted this street sign in Cape Cod:

71Crush sent in this photo that was featured in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Stephanie C., her son, her dad, and none other than Roaming Petr Penguin took a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium on September 19th and then to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum on the 20th for her son's fourth birthday. Stephanie's own words introduce each photo below.

1. "Ready to go to the zoo!"

2. "At the zoo's main entrance:"

3. "With the newest elephants, babies Angelina and Zuri. They're a little hard to see in this photo, but it was pretty crowded, so it's the best shot I could get:"

4. and 5. "With his penguin pals!" [snoop: How awesome is it to see a Roaming Penguin with a real penguin?! :)]

"We had a lot of penguins swim up to Petr and give him a good checking out, as photo no. 6. shows:"

7. "In the children's play area, there's this thing, See If You Can Jump As Far As... and then it lists various animals, and how far they can jump. Turns out Petr can jump as far as a penguin!"

8. "A sign in the Children's Museum entrance. Petr says, 'You're welcome!'"

9. and 10. "When Fred Rogers retired, he and WQED donated much of the original Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood stuff to the Children's Museum. Here's Petr with a lovely photo of Mr. Rogers and the show's band, and with the original Make Believe inhabitants!"

11. "Petr trying out the fun pincushion wall:"

Only a few more installments of TSCS's Quote of The Day left in this offseason!
"Any discussion on hockey goaltenders must begin with the assumption that they are about three sandwiches shy of a picnic. I can prove this. From the moment Primitive Man first lurched erect, he and those who came after him survived on the principle that when something hard and potentially painful comes at you at great velocity, you get the hell out of its path. Goalkeepers throw themselves into its path. I rest my case."

~ Jim Taylor, columnist

Thank yous all around to Stagerat, Jenn, Adrienne, Maria, Jes, Lauren, Rachel, Nikki, 71Crush, and Stephanie for their respective contributions to today's post! :)

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