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A New Season of The Musings of Mad Max Talbot

Longtime readers will recall that last season Mad Max Talbot kept a blog in French on Well, a new season's about to start, and Max is at it again. That means it's time for another edition of

Date: 9-25-08

Attack For The New Season

Hello dear Internet users at, I am happy to be back for another season in order to inform you of what's happening at the Pittsburgh Penguins.

After a summer, quite short, because of our presence in the final of the Stanley Cup, the Penguins camp began, and I must admit that the guys are feverish with the idea of starting a new season. A season will begin soon since it remains a preparatory match, Friday in Toronto.

Mad Max goes up against Matt Carle of the Tampa Bay Lightning during the preseason game on September 22.

All players arrived in great shape and it seems they are still hungry. The last Cup Final left us our appetite, but we are very confident to bounce back this year and win the precious trophy.

However, we have learned one very important lesson: the importance of ice advantage in the playoffs. We want to avoid starting the season slowly as was the case in past years. Therefore, we will do everything to win the first game, which I believe are crucial than the latter.

A Better Team Than In September 2007

If you look at the size of this year compared to the lot of players who came to camp last year, I can immediately say that we are superior. Why? First because the team looks better on paper, but especially because we have almost all walked together. The players have one more year in the body and in addition they all have the craze of what the Stanley Cup is.

Siddo and Max

Better yet. Our core players remained the same, Michel Therrien is back; are two reasons why we are also confident.

High Expectations

Again, expectations are high for us in Pittsburgh and throughout the NHL. However, it did some years it is likely that we are ready for the challenge.

Our team is young and dynamic, among us two of the best offensive players in the league in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

Geno, Sid, Max, and Ty Conklin watch a replay in a game against the Canucks last December.

If you do not put unnecessary pressure on the shoulders and if we do what we have to do, I can’t see how we could not meet the expectations.

Coping With Adversity

Some setbacks occurred recently at the blue line, including the loss of two defenders leading Sergei Gonchar and Ryan Whitney.

However, what I like about our team is our ability to cope with adversity. Last year when we lost the services of Sidney Crosby, Malkin had taken over admirably. Same thing when Marc-Andre Fleury was injured, Ty Conklin had been a tremendous acquisition.

Mad Max is shown here at the World Series of Poker.

This time, I think that young defenders like Kristopher Letang and Alex Goligoski are ready to take over. They will get more ice time so therefore, they will acquire more confidence. These new responsibilities are necessary for their development.

New Faces

The Pittsburgh Penguins are known to be a team for whom it is fun to play. When a new player comes in close to the team, he has no difficulty adjusting.

This was the case for Ruslan Fedotenko, Miroslav Satan, Eric Godard and Matt Cooke. They have adapted very quickly to the team, it is as if they were with us last year. The system calls for the Penguins is perfect for them because it communicates and helps everyone.

Max and Fedotenko celebrate Talbot's first period goal in the preseason game on September 22.

We lost the toughest guy of the League in Georges Laraque, but not detract from his role, I think George is replaceable. Eric Godard is able to play hockey and he did not cold eyes. It is more difficult to replace a guy like Hossa than a guy like Georges.

Moreover, one should not expect to see recruits in the Pittsburgh Penguins this year. Simply put, this was not the best camp to be invited; the team was already composed in advance.

A Trip Expected In Europe

We leave Saturday for Stockholm where we face the Ottawa Senators, on the 4th and 5th of October. At present, I am doing my final shopping and I must confess that I am very excited about the opportunity to go to Europe.

Pascal Dupuis and Max smile for Dan Potash's camera on their flight to Sweden.

No player sees it is a chore to go there. We will spend nine days together and everyone is aware that this experience will shape our team at the start of season.

Last year, it is true that the Ducks and Kings experienced a difficult return, but it must be said that their timing was not profitable. The Ducks played on the road on their return.

For our part, the NHL and the Penguins have made great efforts to accommodate us, when we return we will leave for six days and four matches will be contested at home.

Without lying, I look forward to it beginning.

(Many, many thanks to Friend of The Show Alyse for providing the translations!!!)


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