Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Catching Up: Part 2

I told you I was behind, right? Well, I'm still working my way through my inbox today.

Last week, Friend of The Show Christine sent in links to two articles regarding Ryan Malone's feelings about leaving Pittsburgh. The articles are from competing newspapers, and (predictably) they heard Bugsy's words from conflicting perspectives. "Malone Says Pens Showed 'No Love'" comes from The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, while "Malone Has No Harsh Feelings" comes from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Hockey Fights Cancer has some new merchandise. Last year, everything was pink; this year, it's lavender. There's the tie for men, a book, a sweet scarf for women (the pattern is crossed hockey sticks and a puck), and men's and women's hats. CLICK HERE AND BUY SOMETHING to help a good cause. :)

I'm definitely getting the scarf. It's just too freaking cute to pass up. I think I'm going to get the tie for my husband this year. I wanted to get him last year's tie, but he really wasn't into the whole pink thing.

Friend Eighty-Two found this piece about the renewal of the feud between IFHSA™ and Don "Grapes" Cherry. Avery really is a jerk. This probably is the one and only time you'll ever hear me say, "Go get him, Grapes!"

I got this one from Friends Stagerat, Lauren H., and Melissa G. - ESPN's Pierre LeBrun says that this season, they are truly Sidney Crosby's Penguins.

Friend Lisa-Marie W. found an interview with Siddo, but the video doesn't have a direct link. Just click here to launch the video player (it should pop up in a new window) then click on "Most Recent" on the left. Scroll through the list until you find the video titled "Interview with Sidney Crosby." It's one of the more relaxed interviews with the Saint that I've seen in a while.
LATE EDIT: I'm at my sister's house, and I pre-wrote this post and scheduled it to go up today, so I didn't mention that this is the CBC interview that was mentioned in The Friends' Zone yesterday.

Friend Stagerat sent in this article from Rob Rossi's Chipped Ice detailing how the Pens' director of team operations, Frank Buonomo, kept the masses at bay while in Europe with Sidney.

Here's a video of The Save of The Decade. Friend of The Show Jennifer B. sent in this video of Carey Price's incredible stick save in the September 30th preseason match up between the Canadiens and the Red Wings. If you haven't seen this already, I guarantee you that you'll hardly believe your eyes:

Here's another article about the Pens' Swedish scavenger hunt that Friend Cathy F. found in the Ottawa Citizen. All I have to say is we NEED to find this picture, LOL:
At least the shopping and zoo experience became a little more, shall we say, revealing, than originally planned.

A group including goaltender Marc-André Fleury and winger Pascal Dupuis bought bright yellow and blue Swedish underwear, planning to strip down to take a picture in front of two sleeping moose. But when the group got set for the picture, they realized they were short one set of underwear.

That forced Darryl Sydor to pose with the Viking helmet placed strategically in the picture.
Sounds like they had a good time, eh? ;)

Friend ReneeDC used a photo I posted last week and added some hilarious captions:

Friend of The Show Carlie D. went to watch the Buffalo Sabres unveil their third jersey on September 20th. While she was there, she snapped a few pictures of a giant mural of the Winter Classic:

I don't mean to beat it into the ground, but any time I see Winter Classic pictures, I get chills!!! :) What an AMAZING day!!!

Sidney Penguin had to get on a plane for today's Roaming Penguin installment. Here's what Friend of The Show Sigma956 had to say about S.P.'s first flight:
Sidney Penguin took his first plane ride on 8/30/08 from Pittsburgh to St. Louis (via Chicago). He visited with my mom and step-dad in Cape Girardeau, MO, then went to eat at the infamous Lambert’s Café (Home of the “Throwed Rolls”) in Sikeston, MO, and then back to St. Louis to see my beloved Cardinals in action against the Florida Marlins at Busch Stadium. Sidney had a great time in visiting the “Show-Me-State”.

The first picture is me and Sidney Penguin inside Busch Stadium. The background is the scoreboard that is outside the stadium:

The second picture is from inside the Jack Buck Party Room:

The third picture is Kylie (my three-year old daughter) and Sidney on the flight to our layover in Chicago:

[snoop: Oh my gosh, she's so darn cute!!]

The last picture is from Lambert’s, the best home-cookin’ comfort food on the face of the earth!

Lots of thanks go out today to [*takes deep breath*] Christine, Eighty-Two, Stagerat, Lauren, Melissa, Lisa-Marie, Jennifer, Cathy, ReneeDC, Carlie, and Sigma956 for basically doing my job for me! :)

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