Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fan Photos of the Peng-WINS Game 7 Stanley Cup Victory!!!!

Oh yes. Wait 'til you see them...

First though, I wanted to let you know that will be streaming tomorrow's victory parade online. Also, the site is offering an updated 2009 fight song you can download. To get it, right click the following link and choose "Save link as..." if you use Firefox or "Save target as..." if you use Internet Explorer. [ Download "Let's Go Pens!" ]

I just love this shot of Geno dousing Sir Mario with champagne and had to post it. :)

Now, about those pics: A dear Friend of The Show was actually in the Joe Louis Arena to witness and photograph Sidney Crosby's first Stanley Cup win. Be prepared to be insanely jealous of Friend Dave S. (in a good way, of course!). He sent me TONS of pictures from Friday's Game 7 Stanley Cup victory. He also sent some from Games 5 and 6, which I'll be sharing in the near future. Of his experience, he said:
After the buzzer and everyone started clearing out, we got to head down to ice-level and celebrate w/the team for almost 90 minutes before they were all heading to the locker room. What a time! ... After all the traveling and tickets to see this I would've been so bummed if I didn't cap it off with them winning the Cup. :)

This year was amazing! Go Champs!
I'm SO glad Dave had such a wonderful time. His photos are absolutely amazing. Click the thumbnails to enlarge. Enjoy!!

Another good Friend, DayWalk3r, uploaded some of the montage videos from Game 7 for us to enjoy. (By the way, his YouTube channel is listed under HockeyWebCast
now if you're interested in following his postings.)

First we've got Hockey Night In Canada's Game #7 Opening Intro 2009:

TSN's Stanley Cup Playoffs 2009 Tribute:

HNIC's Stanley Cup Playoffs 2009 Tribute:

The Boys returned to the Igloo today for the Pens' final media availability of the season after winning the Stanley Cup Friday night in Detroit, and then they took in a ball game:

Welcome back, Champs! :)

A hundred thousand thank yous go out to Dave for sharing those fantastic pictures with us. And many thanks also go out to DayWalk3r for hooking us up with the videos again. :)

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