Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sidney Crosby: The Must-See Kid

Some more Crosby worship from Kara Yorio of The Sporting News:

There will be more lessons, more struggles and plenty more press coverage as he carries the hopes of a city and a league on his back. You can watch and guess what it's like to be Sidney Crosby, but only he knows the truth. Only he knows what it's like to sit next to Mario Lemieux and listen to him talk about how you -- you -- turned around an NHL franchise before you even played a game. Only he knows what it's like to have a Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, move a reporter to Pittsburgh to cover his first NHL season -- her sole assignment for the year. Only he knows what it's like to be Sidney Crosby.

Don't expect him to open up and publicly share that feeling any time soon, but that doesn't matter. What matters is what he does on the ice, and after only three games in the books, he's already authoring a pretty good story. No colorful quotes required.

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