Friday, May 30, 2008

GO PENS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another TSCS "Pep Rally"

IT'S "PEP RALLY" TIME!!! Our Boys still need us - we're not out of the woods yet... It's definitely a great feeling knowing that we dodged the nearly-insurmountable odds of a 3-0 deficit, but we won't be able to breathe again until we even things up and make this a BRAND NEW SERIES! So to all of our Friends that are lucky enough to have scored a seat at the Mellon on Saturday: CHEER TWICE AS LOUD FOR US!!! Think of all of us at home watching on TV and give it all you have. The Pens obviously needed our support, so I expect all 17,000+ of you to give them enough love at tomorrow's game to cover Game 4 AND to carry them through for a win at Game 5!!!!!!

LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!

Now here are some more things to that will PUMP YOU UP for tomorrow. First, a quick video that you need to watch:

At the risk of sounding like a complete loon, I have decided to use the same format as the last "Pep Rally," so you'll understand at the end of the post why I wanted you to watch that... :P

Next up, Friend of The Show Lexie101 sent me a link to a fight song from Pittsburgh's B94 radio station. Click here to listen to "Bringin' Stanley Back" by Kobe.

David Staples of The Cult of Hockey gives us the lowdown on Game 3.

Friends Alison from Akron, Ohio, and Bobby T. of IFHSA™ fame sent in a few pictures for us. Akron Alison sent in a picture of the signs she keeps out on her porch - it may not seem like a big deal to some, but supporting Pittsburgh sports is VERY RISKY BUSINESS in and all around Cleveland. I worked in Mentor (a small town just outside Cleveland) for several months in 1998, so I've seen first hand how intense they can be to Steel City supporters! (← In my experience, it was all in good fun, of course!) Also note: Her brother sketched the Pens logo freehanded. :)

Bobby sent in a photoshop he made:

For anyone who couldn't grab the Mellon Arena goal horn ringtone, you can download the mp3 here: Penguins Goal Horn. Now that's a sound we want to hear more of, am I right?

Finally today, I've got TWO treats for you. The first one came about with some help from Friends Michelle B. and Clare L. It is a ringtone of Mike Lange's original "Slap Me Silly, Sidney!" goal call - snagged from the video above. (Haha, I told you I'd eventually explain that!)

And this treat is from Bobby. It's another Mike Lange "Slap Me Silly, Sidney!" goal call - but this one comes from Wednesday's Game 3 after Sid scored for the second time.

What's even better is that Bobby also provided the iPhone ringtone for us! Click here to get it.

All right - let's go over today's "Pep Rally" now:
  1. Pep talk - Check.
  2. YouTube video - Check.
  3. Silly Penguins-related song - Check.
  4. Random Penguins article link - Check.
  5. TSCS Friend photos - Check.
  6. Pens-related mp3 link - Check.
  7. New Pens ringtone - Double Check.
It's a best-of-7 series and, despite what this guy thinks, it ain't over 'TIL IT'S EFFING OVER.

Many, MANY thanks to everyone who contributed to today's post, and to staff for sharing the Wings Parade link.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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