Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GO PENS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A TSCS "Pep Rally"

Admittedly, I am both in personality and looks just about the farthest thing from a cheerleader as one can get, but I'm going to do my very best impression of one right now because [cliché alert] it's times like these - when things seem their worst - that we need to rally behind our Boys of Winter and show them how much we believe in them. We had a chance to vent our frustrations in the comments section of the last post, but today's comments section should be labeled "Positive Vibes ONLY!" ;) If any team in the NHL can rise above a situation like this, IT'S OUR PENGUINS.

I've got some things to help get you geared up and in the mood for tomorrow's game. First up, you'll need to watch this as a refresher before I go any further (note - pay close attention to what the Saint says):

Well, it looks like Ruutu's not the only one who can claim to be an artist's muse now! Friend of The Show Maria T. found out that Sid's got a song now, too. Click here to listen to "Sid the Kid's on Fire" by Heavy Eric. If you want to put it on your iPod here are instructions:
  • Mozilla Firefox users - click the link and choose "Save" instead of "Open"
  • Internet Explorer users - right click the link and choose "Save Target As..."
Show veteran Michelle B. sent in a link to this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Q & A session with Siddo.

And finally today, Friend of The Show Marie M. sent in some pictures from last night's game. Her shots all come from the pregame warmups (make sure to check out the shots of the groups of Pens fans at the Joe):

LATE EDIT: "Where's Waldo?" TSCS style - Click this image to enlarge it and see if you can spot the Alex Ovechkin jersey in that sea of red. WTF?!

It is undeniable that we're down. WAY down. BUT WE'RE NOT OUT. We're a long way from it. The team needs us now more than they ever have, so let's not let them down!!! I've got two more things for you to get you pumped for tomorrow. First, here's the "Boys of Winter" mp3. And I've made another ringtone for you. It is the sound we ALL want to hear MANY, MANY times tomorrow night:

More from snoopyjode at Myxer

Thanks SOOOOO MUCH to Maria, Michelle, and Marie for their contributions to today's post! :) Now say let's all say it together:

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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