Monday, June 15, 2009

Parade Pictures!!!

Fact of the day: Pittsburgh is the only city to win a Lombardi Trophy and a Stanley Cup in the same calendar year. Those two championships came 131 days apart (4 months, 11 days). It took 6,220 days (17 years, 11 days) for the Penguins to win their third Stanley Cup. (Source: The Examiner)

Good Friend of The Show Jaime has made a special Stanley Cup Winning Captain wallpaper for us. She also made an icon, too. The quote on the wallpaper came from Sid's postgame interview following the big victory. [ wallpaper | icon ]

A quick note about the handshake flap that just won't go away - the guy on XM Radio's Hockey This Morning said it best this morning (closely paraphrased except where quoted):
There were about 30 to 40 family members and about 100 reporters on the ice for the celebratory chaos. The kid was being shuffled from interview to interview. A couple Penguins started the handshake line before the majority of the team was ready, and as soon as Crosby realized it was happening, he stopped what he was doing and bolted over to get in the line with everyone else.

He didn't miss shaking everyone's hand.

Why did Draper and Zetterberg even say anything? It's petty, it's a non-issue, and "I honestly can't believe reporters are wasting their breath on it."

Now back to happier things. Good Friend of The Show Gina S. was one of the thousands (and I mean thousands - Stan Savran estimated that were 375,000 people there as compared to the 350,000 on hand for February's Super Bowl Victory Parade) of Pens fans to make it to today's Victory Parade. She graciously shared some of her awesome pictures with us:

And because more is always better, here are a few of the Getty shots (P.S. - I want Dapper Dan's shoes):

Many, MANY thank yous to Gina for sharing her pictures with us! It looks like it was a day to remember. I wish I could have been there. (I can't complain, though - I got to watch it in its entirety online!) And thanks also go out to Jaime for another great wallpaper. Also - I just got a BUNCH more fan photos from Game 7 in my inbox from a Friend as I was putting this post together. Expect them to be posted no later than Wednesday. :)

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