Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Buccigross can see that Crosby's THE MAN

It appears that ESPN's John Buccigross has a real case of Sidney Crosby Fever. I haven't seen a case of hockey manlove this bad since Don Cherry and Doug Gilmour's smoochfest on Hockey Night in Canada.

From the article:

On opening night, Crosby was paired with John LeClair and Mark Recchi. Maybe Recchi can hang, but LeClair is a poor fit. He is now a marginal NHL player and should not be playing with someone like Crosby. Then, I saw the Penguins with multiple 5-on-3 power plays and Crosby was on the bench.

Penguins coach Ed Olczyk quickly realized Crosby was his best player. By the team's second game, he put Crosby on the power play with Ziggy Palffy, and with 1 minute and 24 seconds left in regulation, Crosby rifled an outrageous centering pass to Palffy for the tying goal. The Penguins are realizing you don't bring this kind of talent along slowly. You let them go, let them fly. All while badgering him on the details of the game: "Sidney, I want you to be the best face-off man in the NHL!"

No. 87 is the man. Can't you see it?
Yeah, I can see that Buccigross can see the obvious :)

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