Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sidney Crosby's big Thanksgiving Weekend.

Sidney Crosby celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving by giving the NHL fans his first NHL goal, but the Penguins still can't find a way to win games!

Boston 7 - Pittsburgh 6: Sidney scored his first goal on Saturday night and added 2 assists in 19:16 of ice time. He also finished +1 but won only 7 of 22 faceoffs. Pittsburgh had a 2 goal lead but couldn't hang on in a wild game of firewagon hockey.

Buffalo 3 - Pittsburgh 2 (Shootout): Sidney had another assist and finished +2 in 21:32 of ice time. He is still having major troubles with faceoffs as he won just 4 of 19 draws! Maybe they should let someone else take faceoffs until he can win them more often.

So, Sidney has a 4-game point scoring streak to start his NHL career, but he can't win faceoffs. Yes, Sidney is human, folks.

Here's Sid celebrating his first goal.

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