Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Champions Team Photo

I had a LOT of requests for this. I literally just found it and decided to get it posted right away since I imagine it will be popular. Here is a high quality shot of the team photo with the Cup on the ice (click to enlarge):

I also found a few other ones you might be interested in having. First, here's Sid kissing the Cup before presenting it to his teammates (click to enlarge):

Here's Geno with the Conn Smythe trophy (click to enlarge):

Here's a shot of the bench at the exact moment the clock hit 00:0 and they realized they were the 2009 Stanley Cup champions (click to enlarge):

Check out the look on Siddo's face (he's seated far right) as he learns that he has just achieved his life's goal. This shot is undoubtedly awesome, but...

And here is a stunning overhead shot of the celebration on the ice that came moments later (click to enlarge):

...I still think this one is my favorite. Look at that elation. It's beautiful. :)

My inbox is FULL of great Fan Photos from Game 7 and Monday's Victory Parade. I am trying to make my way through them all and get a post together. I know I said I'd have it done by today, but I need a little more time. Just know that I've made it my top TSCS priority.

What an amazing summer this is going to be! ;)

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